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Tennis court resurfacing and construction company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Specialists for all tennis court repairs and netball court maintenance. We keep costs to a minimum while maintaining world class quality.

Specialists in Tennis Court Resurfacing, Maintenance, and Repairs.

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Titanium Tennis Group is a tennis court resurfacing and netball court related company situated in South Africa which specializes in the resurfacing, design, construction, floodlighting, nets, repairs, fencing and maintenance of tennis courts. We guarantee the absolute highest levels of workmanship ensuring complete client satisfaction. Our knowledge of tennis and tennis courts resurfacing is extensive, and we have an extremely competitive pricing structure which guarantees unbeatable value for money.

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Having the right company undertake your tennis court resurfacing project is absolutely critical. Choose us for years of trouble free surfaces!

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Our tennis court and netball court surfaces are technically advanced, superior acrylic sports surfaces. Our court surfaces are designed to provide a very consistent speed of play, texture, and can add vibrant color and personality to any indoor or outdoor facility in South Africa.

Our superior weather resistant tennis and netball court surfaces are formulated to resist fading and designed to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions from extreme cold and frost, to intense heat and ultra-violet rays resulting from the harsh South African climate. Read more about us.